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DELETER NEOPIKO-Line-White 0.5mm

$6.99 USD $7.99 USD

DELETER NEOPIKO-Line-White 0.5mm

Water-based Pigment




  • Water resistant
  • Smoothness of the white opaque ink prevents clumping
  • Available at 0.5mm fine tip
  • You can draw on paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal, etc.
  • AP Mark (Non-toxic Approved Products seal certified by Art & Creative Materials Institute)



  • When you illustrate, you can draw over screentones, markers, or watercolors
  • You can crate and decorate your own art projects.


Shake with cap on before use. First time only: press pen tip down several times until the tip turns white. Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. Replace cap firmly and store horizontally after use.