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Deleter CGillust NEO (Eng. Ver.)  
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Deleter CGillust NEO (Eng. Ver.) (1)  Deleter CGillust NEO (Eng. Ver.) (2)  
Product Code : 505-1030a
UPC Code : 4933465500517
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Manufacturer : Deleter
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Deleter CGillust NEO (English Version) (for Windows)



Paint tool for beginner to professional use.

“Deleter CGillust NEO” is easy to use for all users.

Light program with simple interface:

        Organized interface
        Faster launch speed program
        Layer set function


 Compared to previous version, “Deleter CGillust NEO” added many useful functions:

          Basic tool
           Layer function
           Water brush
           Compatible PSD file
           Tone function
           Line stabilizer
           Text tool
           Event function


Basic Functions:

Pen, brush and water color tools, even paint in cartons and watercolor paintings.

In addition, layer and mask functions as well as filters come equipped.


Unique Function:

Review the drawing steps. The Educational function is available.

After drawing, you can review the all process as if videotaped.


Useable extensions:

OCI (original)

ONE (Event)

PSD (RGB only)




System Requirements:

OS: Windows8/7/Vista/XP English system required.

CPU: x86 based processor wth SSE2 extensions

Memory: OS recommended size

HDD: 10 MB or above

Monitor: 1024 x 768 pixel or above is recommended.

Recommended graphics tablet: DELETER Digital Pen Tablet

*with a regular mouse, users are not able to use the pen pressure function.