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Neopiko Line-3 Full Display Set  
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Neopiko Line-3 Full Display Set (1)  Neopiko Line-3 Full Display Set (2)  
Product Code : NPL-3-Full
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Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $0.00
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Neopiko Line-3

NEW!!  Neopiko Line-3 Full Display Set - PRE-ORDERS!


Neopiko Line-3 Full Display Set Pre-Order comes with matching clear Displays.


Full Display Set includes:

·        Neopiko Line-3 Black Display Set:

o    (10 sizes x 10 ea. = 100 pcs.) + Clear Display

·        Neopiko Line-3 Color Display Set (Sepia:

o    5 sizes x 10 ea., Grey: 5 sizes x 10 ea., Total 100 pcs.) + Clear Display

·        Neopiko Line-3 ‘Set-Package’ Display Set:

o    [Black Half-set A (5pcs package) x 2, Black Half-set B (5pcs package) x 2, Sepia set (5 pcs) x2, Grey set (5pcs) x 2, Black 10pcs full package (10pcs) x 2] + Clear Display

Total of 260 pens and 3 matching Displays!



Neopiko Line-3 is multi-liner pen that is designed for Manga artists, graphic designers, professional artists and art students. ACMI ‘AP’ mark approved for conforming to ASTM D4236 safety standard.

Non-toxic, non-acidic.



·        Smooth and durable high quality nib

·        Waterproof, lightfast and archival

·        Water-based pigment ink

·        Smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers or watercolors

·        Various Nib (pen-tip) sizes from extra fine to bold


Neopiko Line-3 Available Sizes


Black (10 sizes)             Sepia (5 sizes)              Grey (5 sizes)   

0.03     mm                  0.03     mm                  0.03     mm

0.05     mm                  0.05     mm                  0.05     mm

0.10     mm                  0.10     mm                  0.10     mm

0.20     mm                  0.30     mm                  0.30     mm

0.30     mm                  0.50     mm                  0.50     mm

0.50     mm                                                                 

0.80     mm                                                                 

1.00     mm                                                                 

2.00     mm