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Layout Paper / \"Name Note\"  
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Layout Paper / \"Name Note\" (1)  
Product Code : 201-3022
UPC Code : 4933465600675
Category : Paper
Sub Category : Name Note / Layout Paper Pad
Series : B4
Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $7.59
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Deleter "Name Note" is a paper pad for comic drawing rough sketch.

It is perfect for Layout drafting, to plan out dialogue boxes and panels placing.

 It has same pre-printed standard frame-works/guide-lines as Type-A Manga/Comics paper.

Premium paper of 70kg weight thickness.
(*our standard Manga papers are available in 110kg and 135kg thickness) 

Availalble in size A4 (to be used for B5/A5/B6 sized Doujinshi), or B4 (to be used for Professional / Publishers sized).

Comes in a pad of 40 pages. 

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