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Neopiko-2 Manga Set-1 (6 Colors)  
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Neopiko-2 Manga Set-1 (6 Colors) (1)  
Product Code : 311-1370H
UPC Code : 4933465193788
Category :
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Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $28.49
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Deleter NEOPIKO-2 markers are an excellent tool for the aspiring illustrators and professionals alike. These markers deliver a level of performance similar to that of other high quality brand name markers at a lower cost. The NEOPIKO-2 is a non-toxic, acid free, alcohol-based ink that dries instantly.

*NOTE* It is recommended that you store the markers horizontally to maintain ink uniformity inside the reservoir.

Neopiko2 Features:
* Selection of 144 colors and all colors refillable!
* Dual sided tip with a brush nib and a chiseled broad nib
* Non-Toxic, acid free, alcohol based ink
* Quick drying

* Gradation technique made easy with Solvent (Y400) 


Neopiko2 “Manga Set-1 (6 colors) (311-1370H)” includes:

Y407 Lemon Yellow

Y530 Brilliant Orange

Y499 Magenta

Y486 Lavender

Y457 Sky Blue

Y722 Vivid Green