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Neopiko-4 5 color set A  
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Neopiko-4 5 color set A (1)  
Product Code : 311405A
UPC Code : 4933465190015
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Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $0.00
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NEOPIKO-4, 5 colors set A, set included: 
W005-Green,W009-Yellow Ocher, 
W013-Pink,W014-Powder Orange, W016-Red

NEOPIKO-4, Set A (5 colors) includes:

W005-Green,W009-Yellow Ocher,
W013-Pink,W014-Powder Orange, W016-Red

Genuine “handmade brush" tip: It’s not a synthetic sponge-tip.

The color can be blurred with water.

The genuine handmade brush provides elegant, gorgeous fine lines.