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Comic Paper: Type E (A4/110kg,plain)  
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Comic Paper: Type E (A4/110kg,plain) (1)  Comic Paper: Type E (A4/110kg,plain) (2)  
Product Code : 201-1041
UPC Code : 4933465601207
Category : Paper
Sub Category : Comic Paper: Type E
Series : A4
Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $9.49
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Best seller high quality Manga/Comic paper.  (110kg / 40 sheets)
E-Type: 3mm section(graphic) paper, non-photo sensitive blue line grids printed on paper, is used for various purposes.
Size-A4, 110kg weight thickness.

Originally developed for word-processing. 
Good for manual cutting and pasting; easy to make layout/composition adjustment.
Can be used to write a page full of text or simply make neatly symmetric page quickly.
The same high quality Manga/Comic paper is used, making it extremely smooth to write on. Can be used for direct print out from the printers.
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