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Comic Paper: Type C (B4/135kg)  
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Comic Paper: Type C (B4/135kg) (1)  Comic Paper: Type C (B4/135kg) (2)  
Product Code : 201-1036
UPC Code : 4933465601146
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Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $14.99
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Best seller Manga/Comic drawing paper. (Professional, 40 sheets)
B4 size,135kg comic paper for professinal use.

C-Type: Less "Outer Frame" from A-Type. only 1 size (B4), 1 thickness (135kig) available.

  • Developed in conjunction with professional comic artists, and it is now the industry standard. in order to be compatible with any comic publisher standard, the page border line (Outer frame / Printing Frame) is left for the artist to decide and draw by own.
  • The inner border line (Inner Frame / drawing limit frame) is denoted with dotted line.
  • Far outer Scale Frame is conveniently ruled in 1mm increments.
  • Special markings for deviding into 3 panels.
  • Horizontal and vertical center line marks and all other above mentioned marks and frames are printed in non-photo sensitive light blue colored print.