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Comic Paper: Type F (B4/135kg)  
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Comic Paper: Type F (B4/135kg) (1)  Comic Paper: Type F (B4/135kg) (2)  
Product Code : 201-1040
UPC Code : 4933465601191
Category : Paper
Sub Category : Comic Paper: Type F
Series : B4
Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $14.99
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Best seller high quality Manga/Comic drawing paper. (With cut off marks, 40 sheets)
B4 size, 135kg weight thickness Manga/Comic drawing paper. (smooth surface)

F-Type: 1mm Scaled Lines, Outer page cut-off frame, Inner printing limit frame, vertical and horizontal center marks, special markings for 3 panel and 4 panel deviding, "nombre" page number boxes, are all printed in non-photo sensitive light blue lines which do not show up with copy. 

In addition to same A-Type markings as mentioned above, F-Type has additional Black markings for center marks and corner cut-off marks for publishing convenience.

Smooth high quality papers are easy to draw any comics.
Available in A4, B4 sizes and each size available in 135kg weight thickness only.

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