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Deleter CG Illust Ver 4.5plus  
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Deleter CG Illust Ver 4.5plus (1)  Deleter CG Illust Ver 4.5plus (2)  
Product Code : 505-1009a
UPC Code : 4933465500258
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Manufacturer : Deleter
Retail Price : $192.00
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CGillust has lots of easy-to-use painting tools for all users!

Free Trial Download

– Basic functions
The included software contains many of the tools found in high end illustration software including different pens and brushes. The software also has the ability to use layers and masks.

– Unique Function
Review your work in progress.
This software also has the ability to record and playback your "work in progress" so, you can see everything from start to finish.

Get the files From "CGillust web site," you can download the drawing software and then use it on a trial basis before you purchase.

 Tone function
200 kinds of Tone pattern is included.

Enjoy drawing with DELETER CGillust4.5plus!!

– System Requirements
OS : Windows 2000/Xp/Vista English system required.
CPU : Pentium 500 Mhz.
Memory : 256MB or above
Monitor : 1024 X 768 pixel or above
Recommended graphics tablet : DELETER Digital Pen Tablet
*With a regular mouse, users are not able to use the pen pressure function